Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Characters Design: Drommere

Drommere is a project started by some of my students. The idea was about a boy that imagined all these weird characters and drew them to life. I was really into their project so I tried my hand at designing some possible characters for their story. They are in the production phrase at present time. I hope to see their complete reel soon! :)
Chatter is a squirrel dinosaur that lost his nut and holds on to a cushion for a substitute. He is a nervous creature (hence his name) so stay clear of its teeth! Scrooge of the Skies is a crazy, happy-go-lucky sort of guy that wants to fly. He uses the flaps at his sides to glide in the air but isn't great at it. Grrf is an angry character made out of the ink blots stains of drawings. The boy mistook him to be an empty area and drew mushrooms, flowers, ropes and a smiley face on him. No wonder he is so grouchy.

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